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Preparing for an Awesome Resume

Something that you need to know is that college really is all about the experience. The amount of experience that you have while you’re in college can make all the difference for your Resume. Let your experiences in college be your key to your success!

Honors Societies: Possible Waste of Time?

After having been accepted into a university, there are many different ways to enhance your college experience. One of the ways is by joining an honors society. When I was in college, I joined almost all of the honors societies that extended me an invitation. Did it benefit me in the long run? Was it worth all the application/membership fees? Let me share with you my college experiences relating to honors societies.

How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

1) Do a lot of everything, so long as it’s legal and relatively safe.
2) Nowhere else in life will you be around so many different people with such diverse and similar interests at the same time. Reach out to people; you will make lifelong friends and grow tremendously during this period.
3) Don’t take college for granted. It will pass you by before you know it, and you can never really go back to that stage in life without feeling awkward.