It’s Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught

“It’s not cheating unless you get caught.” My friend in college told me this, I thought it sounded pretty stupid at the time, but he later explained what he meant.

In college a lot of times you will manage your time unwisely or procrastinate to study until a day or two before the midterm or final. Most likely you aren’t going to have adequate time to study and do well on the test. This is when many students resort to some form of cheating to pass the test.

This could be going to class early to write little notes on your desk, or writing notes on a tiny piece of paper to leave in your lap. I can go into many more ways of cheating, but I’ll leave that topic for another post ;]. Here at we keep it real, I believe there is nothing wrong with cheating if you don’t get caught, but let me elaborate. Ya, you can cheat on a midterm and get a good grade, but after you better learn the material so you can do well on the final.

If not, you get caught cheating yourself and end up doing poorly on the final.

For random courses not related to your major you may be able to get away with cheating through the whole course without any real consequences. But if you try and do the same thing for major related courses you will only hurt yourself.

Later in the upper division courses you’ll struggle to understand the material, and even later in life you will struggle with your job. Imagine a doctor or engineer who cheated their way through college and have to perform surgery or designing a bridge.

I’m not promoting cheating, I’m just saying if you have to, don’t get caught during college or later on in life.

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