Working as an English Teacher in Vietnam

With English being one of the most spoken languages with over 950 million speakers, is undoubtedly the essential language in the world. Over 50 countries use English as an official language of communication. All these statistics about the English language makes its demand high especially to the non-native speakers. English teachers are on the top market in the Asian Continent, and Vietnam’s National Foreign Language Project has initiated the use and teaching of English among the students.

The job market for English teachers is growing steadily in Vietnam, and the following are some of the reasons why someone would want to teach English in Vietnam;

High demand for English Teachers

Vietnamese are making all the efforts to learn English as a second language right from the pre-school stage to universities, increasing the demand for teachers needed to teach English in Vietnam. No wonder the government has initiated the National Foreign Language project which advocates the use of English among students in their daily lives.

Low cost of living

If you are a first time English teacher in Vietnam, you will pocket an average of USD 1,000 per month, making English Teaching profession one of the best-paid in Vietnam. Given the cost of living to be quite low in Vietnam, you can afford to leave a decent life, and save some money for the rainy days.

Immense job opportunities and benefits

There are adequate opportunities in Vietnam for English teachers, as they may opt to teach the kids or adults from the kindergarten to Higher Educational Institutions; the choice depends on your preference. Language centers and private institutions can also offer you teaching opportunities. If you are a full-time teacher in some institutions, they may provide you with health covers, paid holidays and assist you to obtain a work visa.

Working as an English Teacher

Getting a teaching job in Vietnam will require you to obtain a work visa for you to enjoy the full rights and benefits that come with the responsibility. With a permit, you will avoid clashing with the authorities. If you opt to teach English in Vietnam, then you must possess the following requirements; a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and not necessarily a degree in English, or a certification in the English language such as TESOL or TESL.

Work Options for teachers

You may opt to work on a fulltime basis where you are expected to work for a minimum of 20 hours per week or higher depending on your capabilities. Assistance in obtaining work permits, regular income, and medical cover are among the benefits that come with working fulltime. Part-time workers are quite many, but it doesn’t attract any benefits from the employer. As a teacher, you may opt for online teaching jobs through teaching platforms such as VIPKID, which allows teachers to work at the comfort of their homes.


The high demand for English teachers in Vietnam’s peaceful nation presents immense job opportunities for English teachers. Low cost of living and good salaries enables teachers to live a comfortable lifestyle. Teachers who teach English in Vietnam may opt for a flexible part-time module.  Any prospective English teachers should first meet the job requirements before seeking work opportunities.

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