College Experimentation Gone Wrong! Top Three Worst Areas For Tattoos

Ah, the college years.

A time most would agree where experimentation is at an all time high. Unsurprisingly, also a time when many decide on their first tattoo.

So why is this? And why still do some insist on unusual (and highly sensitive) places to get inked?

It is not news that tattoos are painful. I mean, how could little needles pulsating into your flesh not be painful?

Despite this pain, tattoos have been popular amongst cultures all around the world, either as tradition or custom, or simply as a form of self-expression, for thousands of years.

While we may be willing to sit through the pain for the sake of covering our body in art, we can limit this pain through strategic placement. There are, in fact, certain areas on the body where the pain of being tattooed is no more than a sting and the buzz of the needles vibration. Oppositely, there are areas on our bodies where the pain of being tattooed is equivalent to being stung by a million bees repeatedly.

Okay, okay, maybe that was a bit exaggerated… but seriously. Choose your tattoos location wisely.

To help you out (or maybe save you a bill on non-laser tattoo removal), we’ve put together a list of the top three worst areas for tattoos.

The Crooks of Your Knees and Elbows

Both of these areas are home to major nerves, the Ulnar Nerve in your arm, and the Sciatic Nerve in your leg, that run from the tips of your fingers or toes, to your shoulder or lower spine, respectively. This means that when those nerves are hit with the needles of the tattoo gun, you may not only feel pain in that spot, but also up and down your entire arm or leg, and even your hands or feet.

Your Hands and Feet

A combination of nerve endings and boniness make your hands and feet extremely sensitive to tattooing. Not only does the tattooing process itself hurt like heck, these spots can be incredibly tricky for the healing process, as they are constantly moving and rubbing up on clothing, shoes, socks, etc.

Anywhere On or Around Your Ribs

Anywhere on your torso is quite sensitive due to the high number of nerve endings in the area, which is quite surprising, but the ribs are probably the worst. The flesh in this area is so thin, and with minimal cushioning between the needles and your actual ribcage, the pain level is no surprise.

The ribs are one of the most popular spots for tattoos, especially for first timers, who likely underestimate the sensitivity of the area.

Rethink The Ink

Look, we aren’t suggesting not getting the tattoo during your freshman year – perhaps just having you rethink where on your body it will call home.

While there are certain body parts that would be even more painful than the three listed above, such as your face or your genitals, we figured that those options are quite obvious and, realistically, a lot less common, especially for a tattoo first timer.

Whether you are planning your first tattoo or your tenth, these three areas will be no less painful. Location, location, location, right? We aren’t saying don’t get your tattoo in any of those spots, just be warned.

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