Ridiculous College Dating and Time Wasters

Have you ever wondered why some people simply give up on the idea of love? This article shows you why by spilling details about ridiculous dates and time wasters.

Every relationship has a beginning, and not all beginnings are pretty. When two people are interested in finding romance and companionship, they turn to dating.

Many couples claim that dating is the best way to get to know someone before jumping into a relationship.

But sometimes, dating in college can be disastrous, especially when the two people involved are completely wrong for each other from the start.

Blind dates and physical attraction

Blind dates do not always end happily.

Oftentimes, people agree to go on blind dates with the optimistic hope of riding on the wings of “destiny” and falling deeply in love.

But realistically, when two people meet, the first thing they notice is each other’s physical appearance.

Depending on one’s taste, well, this can immediately make or break the entire date.

If either one is turned off by the looks of the other, this can result in a ridiculous date and a time-waster because he or she will hold back, and inevitably waste the other person’s time completely.

Be wary of your date’s intentions.

Be prepared to meet all kinds of people when dating. Some can really make you feel ridiculous, and others can really make you feel like you’re wasting all your time.

There will be those who are eccentric, boring, superficial, rude, and many other kinds. The trouble arises when you find yourself on a date with someone whose intentions are completely different from yours.

There have been dates where the woman was very eager to begin a deep and meaningful relationship, but the man was simply in it for the fun or the perks. Sadly enough, the woman is left completely unaware, until she is through pouring her heart out, only to have it thrown back at her.

This is why it is always important to find out what the date’s purpose is. Is it for fun? For sex? For companionship? The last thing you’d want to do is for one mistake to lead to a lifetime of dating with herpes.

Or, is it for the chance of beginning something that will last forever? Ask yourself, and ask your date. Define your objectives, and enjoy.

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