Self Esteem Among College Students: Creating a better Image

While you are busy with your studies planning for the years ahead, many self-help experts believe that having a healthy self-image is one of the keys to succeeding in life.

While this may seem counter to the “great job = happiness” mindset that many students have as they pursue their respective degrees and certifications, it is critical to keep in mind throughout your college journey.

The relationship between self image & success

How a person sees himself or herself has a great effect on his or her confidence and how he or she will face the world. It may seem easy to create a good self-image yet not many people can efficiently do this.

Because of this lack of knowledge in developing an image, they tend to go in the opposite direction and create a negative outlook for themselves.

But how do you focus on the positive? Start by considering the following:

Focus on your strengths

While knowing yourself is the first step in creating a better image, the step that can distinguish creating a positive self-image from that of a negative one is focusing on your strengths. By recognizing your strengths and giving them your full attention, you develop ways on how they improve your character.

These strengths set you apart from the majority, and you can use these in order to stand out.

Tap into your pre-existing potential

As you focus on your strengths, you can create ways on how you can put your strengths to good use. Instead of devoting most of your time into getting rid or improving your weaknesses, you can just develop your strengths further.

By knowing how to properly use your strengths, you can do extraordinary things with so little effort.

Take care of body

Sometimes when we’re busy, the last person we think about is ourselves. When this happens, a vicious cycle begins, where a negligence of our physical health leads to issues of mental and spiritual well being.

It doesn’t have to be a month traveling the globe ‘finding yourself’. Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of creating some ‘you’ time.

Go for a walk. Take the afternoon off. Pamper yourself.

By properly tending to what you body needs, you’re ensuring that you’re up to the task(s) at hand.

Don’t compare yourself to other

There are times when a negative self-image begins with constantly comparing yourself with others. Using other people’s strengths and achievements as your personal gauge on what you should achieve can make you persistently pursue something that is difficult to attain.

While this is not completely bad, there are times when this can be frustrating because you will feel that you may not be good enough to attain the same things.

Instead of comparing yourself with others, set your own gauge for your achievements, and if you want to improve, seek to break your own previous record.


In the end, there is considerably more that could be done to emotionally prepare students for the realities of adulthood that can lead to lower self-esteem. Unfortunately, there is only so much that parents and teachers can do as campus life and all the stresses and pressures that come with it are unlikely to change.

But while campus life can’t be changed, taking a moment to consider how ‘you view you’ can certainly help in the long journey ahead.

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