Additional 10 College Party/Exchange Themes

Due to popular demand, here are 10 additional popular fraternity/sorority exchange and college party themes to enhance your college experience.

1. WTF!?  — Wear anything that makes people think “WTF” when they see you. Some examples could be guys dressing up as girls and vice versa.

2. Big Booty Hoes and Ghetto Bros — Another one that sounds like what it is. Pretty much use rap videos as a reference on how to dress.

3. Stoplight Party (Red Yellow Green Light Party) — Think the 3 colors of a light signal red (stop), yellow (be ready to stop), and green (go). Now apply it to relationships and clothing, so wearing red means you are taken, yellow means you are unsure, and green means you are single and ready to “go”. This way the single people in green don’t waste their time talking to the people in red.

4. White Trash Party — Wife beaters, ripped jeans, and bandannas.

5. School Uniform / Catholic School Girl (my personal favorite) — Pretty much school uniform attire. Girls dress up as slutty school girls, so short plaid skirts with white button up collar shirts. And guys think Jack Black in the movie School of Rock.

6. Mardi Gras — Guys buy lots of beads and you are pretty much set and ready to party. The only problem is what will the girls do for beads?

7. Rave / Roll Party — Prepare lots of bracelets aka “candy”, glow sticks, glow jewelry, and LED lights. Have dark rooms ready with strobe lights and a good sound system for trance music. Oh and have some XTC (ecstasy) ready if you’d like ;] If so also have lots of water ready and wearing less is more.

8. Cowboys and Indians — This children’s game isn’t just for children anymore. Guys and gals can take their pick of dressing up as a cowboy or Indian.

9. Lingerie Party — Another chance for girls to wear something slutty without being seen as slutty. Bras, panties, corsets, stockings are usually worn by girls. Guys usually just wear boxers, unless they want to be a little more adventurous, they can wear some lingerie too.

10. The Stars Party — Dress up as your favorite famous person. It can be an athlete, actor, or rapper. Usually famous people currently in the news work the best, so like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Michael Vick, or T.I. Props that match with whoever you dress up as help a lot with helping people identify you (sunglasses, toy babies, stuff animal dogs).

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