Tips for Giving Gifts to Your Sorority Sisters and Fraternity Brothers

Going to college is such a unique experience and nothing is more special than joining a sorority or fraternity house.

These groups are like family and create deep bonds that will last a lifetime.

If you want to show your brothers and sisters your care and appreciation, you can always give them a gift! Here are some tips to get you started:

When To Give Gifts to Your Sorority Sisters and Fraternity Brothers

While you don’t really need a reason to give your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers gifts, here are some special occasions you don’t want to miss:


When a student has accepted a bid to join a sorority or fraternity, this is known as a pledge. They are not yet initiated but giving them a gift will show your appreciation that they chose to bid for your house.


Bigs and Littles are terms mostly used for sororities but can apply to fraternities as well. Once a pledge has been accepted, they are assigned a “Big” who acts as a mentor. As a Big, you can give your Little a gift to create an amazing relationship.


Sororities and fraternities are like a family and it’s never easy to see your brothers and sisters graduate and leave college. Send them off with an amazing gift that they can treasure forever!

Personalized Gifts

When it comes to giving a gift to your sorority sister or fraternity brother, personalized gifts are the way to go! You can have a custom tumbler made with their name and house symbol for cold drinks or hot beverages.

Matching T-Shirts

Sororities and fraternities host some amazing events – so why not have your brother or sister show up in a matching t-shirt? You can have the shirts made with your house’s Greek letters or a slogan.

Gift Basket

If your brother or sister is new to the sorority or fraternity, put together a gift basket to welcome them! Include a house pin, decorated wooden Greek letters, and a custom t-shirt.

Greek-Themed Jewelry

You can have rings and necklaces custom-made to feature your house’s letters. This is such a great way to have your brothers and sisters feel welcomed and appreciated.

Christmas Ornament

A memorable Christmas ornament featuring Greek letters and their name is a wonderful keepsake that they can use for years to come.

College Survival Kit

If you’re welcoming a new pledge, you can help them survive those all-nighters with a college survival kit. Include items such as pencils, pens, toiletries, flip-flops, and earplugs.

Night-In Kit

College is notorious for throwing crazy parties, but sometimes it’s nice to have a night in with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers. Make a night-in kit that includes movies, popcorn, candy, and drinks.

Decorated Photo Frame

College is all about making memories and a decorated photo frame is a great way for your brother or sister to display them in their room and when they move on from college.

Tea or Coffee

Help your brother or sister make it through the early mornings with a tea or coffee gift set. You can include a mug, some fancy tea or coffee (or even hot cocoa!), and some seasonal flavors to help perk them up in the morning or relax at night.

Custom Keychains

All college students need easy access to their keys, whether they live in a house, off-campus apartment, or dorm room. You can personalize the keychain with their name or the Greek letters of your house.

Custom Laptop Case and Stickers

Laptops are a staple for college students and you can help your brother or sister show their sorority/fraternity pride by gifting them a custom laptop case or even stickers for their laptop. This is a great way to help them feel part of the family!


College schedules can be hectic and sometimes it helps to keep track of things the old-fashioned way! Give your sorority sister or fraternity brother a personalized calendar and schedule book to help keep them on track.

More Tips for Giving Gifts to Your Sorority Sisters and Fraternity Brothers

  • Don’t give them a paddle. Although the paddle is an ancient tradition for college sisterhoods and brotherhoods, this symbol is rooted in violence. Stick to giving gifts that are not associated with hazing.
  • Customize the gift. Most of the gift ideas in this list are personalized but custom gifts are something your brothers or sisters can keep for the rest of their lives in order to remember their awesome experience at college.
  • Create a meaningful relationship. Gift-giving is an amazing opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with your brothers and sisters. Give gifts that are personal to them.

Your time at college is precious, so make sure you commemorate the bonds you build with your brothers and sisters by giving them meaningful and memorable gifts!

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