Top 15 College Party/Exchange Themes

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These themes can be used for fraternity / sorority exchanges and random parties. Its always more fun when you get to dress up. You can also encourage people to dress up by charging them at the door if they are not in costume.

  1. Toga — Classic Greek theme
  2. CEOs and Office Hoes – Slutty business attire
  3. Graffiti — White tees with markers /sharpies/highlighter
  4. GI Joes and Barbie Hoes — Army Attire
  5. Super Heroes & Villains — Dress up as your favorite character
  6. Black Light — Black lights everywhere & wear neon
  7. Jungle fever — Think Adam and Eve with lots of leaves covering private places
  8. ABC (Anything but clothes) — Be creative :] duct tape, cardboard box, plastic bags, foil, ect.
  9. Morning After — What you would wear the morning after an unexpected sleep over. Lingerie & PJs
  10. Sports — Favorite sports team
  11. Beach — What you would wear at the beach
  12. Decades parties — 60’s 70’s 80’s theme
  13. Pimps and Hoes — Guys dressed up as pimps and girls as hoes, or the other way around =P
  14. Gangsters and Geeks — Dress up as a gangster or a nerd.
  15. Clubbing — Wear what you would normally wear to go clubbing

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