3 Tips For Preparing For Your College Interview

Your college interview is a great way to show your interest in the school, demonstrate how you will add value to the campus community, and leave a lasting impression with someone who may decide your collegiate fate.

Interviews act as a critical portion of the admission decision for many schools, as it allows potential students to showcase more than just their GPA and paper credentials.

If your college of choice requires an admissions interview, it is important to go in prepared – to give you a head start, we’ve outline some of our best tips for preparing for your college interview below.

1. Ask Creative Questions

The worst answer you could give when you interviewer asks if you have any questions is “no”. This makes it look as if you are uninterested and unprepared.

Asking questions is important; it gives your interviewer an inside look at why you chose this school, what you hope to get out of your experience at the school, and shows that you have put effort into the interview, meaning you are taking your chances at being accepted into the program seriously.

Ask questions that are not easily answered by reading the schools pamphlets or checking their web page. Show the admissions interviewer that you are digging deeper into what the school offers, especially what it can provide you as an individual, and vice versa.

2. …But Prepare for the Cliché Questions As Well

Showcasing your individuality and interest through your own questions is important, but it is also important that you are comfortable answering questions as well.

Do your research and know what types of questions to expect during a college interview. This will give you time to formulate and practice your answers so you are not caught off guard during the interview.

Some common questions they may ask include topics such as your thoughts on your high school experience, your personality traits, your college expectations, and your aspirations for the future.

A great way to become familiar with these questions and comfortable giving your answers is to have someone act as an interviewer, allowing you to practice reciting your answers for someone.

Be Yourself

No amount of practice or perfect answers to questions will help you if your interviewer can sense that you are putting on a show. If your demeanor seems forced or over rehearsed, it might give the impression that you are uncomfortable or nervous, and will make it difficult for them to get an authentic reading of your personality.

One of the reasons for these interviews is for the admissions offices to get a feel of whom the potential students are and whether or not they feel they are the right fit for the program.

And Most Importantly…

Don’t forget to practice, practice, practice!

The more you practice, the more prepared and comfortable you will be for your interview. Rather than focusing on your nerves or racking your brains for answers and questions on the spot, you will be able to more freely focus on other areas of the conversation that will help you stick out more and give the interviewer a reason to remember you.

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