Full Circle: What to Expect at your Class Reunion

It’s hard to imagine as we finish high school and embark on our college years that at some point in the distant, far off future, they’ll be a time where we look back at those high school years and wonder where the time went.

We’ll reflect on good times and bad, teachers, but most importantly our friends and classmates.

Enter the class reunion.

Suddenly, a flood of emotions…excitement…curiosity…but often fear and dread.

In fact, according to Psychology Today, It’s common for high school reunions to trigger anxiety about appearance and status. For many of us, we wish to simply forget our teenage self-conscious emotions that resulted from hormonal changes and social pressures, and leave those days where they belong – in the past.

Indeed, a class reunion is a well known trigger for these insecurities.

Understanding that you’re not alone, research indicates that there may be 10 ‘types’ that attend class reunions, each motivated by in their own unique way.

Check out this cool visual below:

10 Types of Classmates You Will See at Your Next Class Reunion

by Class Finders

So, which type are you? (and would you even admit it)??

Let us know in the comments!

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