How to Schedule for College Courses

College classes are structured much differently from middle school and high school courses. Instead of your typical block schedule of classes from morning till afternoon, students in college are given the freedom to pick and choose the times of each classes. However, there is a upside and a downside to this. If you’re lucky, the classes that you plan on taking will fit perfectly together. But for the majority of college students who register for classes, this is not the case.

Some factors that prevent students from obtaining their desired schedule are:

1) The class registration date given to you according to the number of units you have in school. Depending on the number of units that you have, determins what year you are recognized as in college. For example, students who are recognized as seniors register before freshmens.

2) Often times classes may be closed, full, and/or only one class is offered at a certain time, which means that the given class time is your only option.

Ways to get around these two problems are to either join a college sports team, or to be in the university honors program. Both of these will give you priority registration above every other college student, including seniors.

As for classes that are only offered at a certain time, if you don’t need the class right away, you can either wait for another time to take it, or just deal with having it in your schedule.


Most college students try to get their Friday’s off and try to not have too many early classes. This is smart, especially if you like to stay out late and go out parties. In college, thursday nights are considered the party nights.

Another thing to remember while you are registering for classes is that sometimes it is good to have a break in between a few classes. It does get tiring to sit through 4 or 5 hours of lectures straight. Remember to make time for yourself to grab something to eat.

Also if you are the type of person who procrastinates, you may want to keep a small gap before discussions or classes that have assignments due. As always, follow these steps and it will make your college experience a lot more enjoyable, and slightly less stressful.

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