How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

College Advice

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Tips & Warnings

* Do a lot of everything, so long as it’s legal and relatively safe.
* Nowhere else in life will you be around so many different people with such diverse and similar interests at the same time. Reach out to people; you will make lifelong friends and grow tremendously during this period.
* Don’t take college for granted. It will pass you by before you know it, and you can never really go back to that stage in life without feeling awkward.

  • Take elective courses that interest you and are outside of your major.
  • Play or watch varsity and intramural sports.
  • Go out to clubs and bars frequented by students.
  • Eat at the campus and town hot spots.
  • Explore the fraternity and sorority scene to see if it’s for you.
  • Read the books, magazines and papers that students talk about most.
  • Stay up late at night discussing controversial topics with friends.
  • Attend special lectures, panels, speeches, plays and/or concerts.
  • Ride a bike and walk around campus. A lot.
  • Listen, play, sing and/or dance to music often.
  • Study in a foreign country for a quarter or semester.
  • Join a student group that is passionate about something.
  • Protest something at least once.
  • Take wild spring break trips.
  • Go to professors’ after-hours sessions to ask questions.

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