6 JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips

If you want to get into the top engineering colleges in India, such as IITs, NITs, GFTIs, and others, you first need to crack the JEE Main. The NTA will be conducting JEE Main in two phases and has released the dates for the same. The first phase of JEE Main 2020 will take place from January 6 to 11, while the next phase will be held from April 3 until April 9. If you are appearing for the JEE Main exams, it’s high time that you start preparing for it rigorously. You need to have a good study plan to increase your chances of cracking the JEE Main 2020. Here are some excellent tips to help you get on the right track when preparing for JEE Main 2020 –

1. Be Well-versed with JEE Main Syllabus

Before you start studying, it is important that you know the JEE Main syllabus by-heart. Check the JEE website to know the updated syllabus. Knowing the syllabus will help you divide your time for each of the chapters accordingly. It will also allow you not to overlook any important chapter in the examination.

2. Learn How to Manage Your Time

One of the most important considerations when preparing for JEE is time management. You should have a time table and follow it to help you complete the entire syllabus. You need to set study goals for yourself and finish the syllabus well before the actual exam date to leave enough time for revision. Depending on the difficulty level of the chapters, you should decide how many days you need to cover the chapter. You should move on to the next one, only when you have completed the previous one.

3. Develop Clarity of Concepts

If you can grasp the concepts, you will be able to answer any type of question that comes from that section. Since most of the JEE Main questions are about the application, you will be able to answer correctly if you are thorough with those concepts. Try to solve Jee mains chapter wise questions and mock tests to help you clear the concepts and get a better understanding of the chapters.

4. Analyze and Practice Previous Years Question Papers

You should get a hold of the previous year’s question papers and sample papers. They will help you know the exam pattern, marking scheme, and your preparation level as well. Solving the questions regularly will help you determine how much time you can spend on each question before moving on to the next one. You will also know the types of questions you are having difficulty solving so that you can practice them more.

5. Revise What You Have Studied

Apart from completing the syllabus, you should also revise the chapters you have done before. Even if you have completed the entire syllabus in advance, it will be of no use if you are unable to recall the correct answer during the exam. Thus, revising the chapters thoroughly will help you in recalling what you have learned quickly during the exams.

6. Improve Your Memory

Apart from studying hard, you should also take care of your health. You must eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, get some exercise, and sleep well during the days leading up to the JEE Main exam. These things will definitely help you enhance your memory in the long term.

It is quite easy to lose your focus and get nervous before the exam. It is the reason why you need to stay motivated throughout your preparation period. Keep a positive mindset, even if you do not do well in one or two mock tests. Keep at it and strive to do much better in the next one.

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