Preparing for an Awesome Resume While You’re Still in College

Something that you need to know is that college really is all about the experience. The amount of experience that you have while you’re in college can make all the difference for your Resume.

Let your experiences in college be your key to your success!

Gaining Experience

While in college, make sure that you provide yourself with enough experience that you can use in your resume. If you are looking for jobs, find a job that you can list on your resume that actually relates somehow to your field of interest! Don’t just take a job for the money or because it’s convenient, push yourself to try harder and find something that can benefit your future.

Take advantage of internships, independent studies, summer/certificate programs, or study abroad. Your time in college is valuable; so don’t waste it on something that isn’t going to help you.

In college, I noticed that there are 3 types of students. The first student is one that already has a resume created and keeps it up to date. If this is you, congratulations, you are one of few. The second student is the one who keeps thinking about how they should create a resume, but never do. I would say this is the majority of the student population, including me. Lastly, there are a handful of students who have never thought about creating a resume, or who think that it’s okay to wait until they are about to graduate or already graduated.

Get on it Now!

Let me tell you why you need to create your resume now. First off, creating an awesome resume is a long process. You don’t create the perfect resume the first time you type one up. In fact, it may take you 5-10 revisions to have a good job, internship, or application worthy resume.

Making a resume takes time.

And you don’t want to waste your time trying to create a good resume when your done with school. So begin early while you are in school and all of your experiences are still fresh in your mind.

Another key reason why you should start your resume now is that you need something physical that you can see, not just ideas of what you would put on your resume if you had one. By being able to see your resume, you can better pin point your weaknesses and strengths in your resume.

This allows you to work on your weaknesses while you are still in college and surrounded by many great opportunities.

Don’t let your time in college go to waste. Seize every chance you get to add experience that is relevant to your field and make sure to have an updated resume on your computer. Good luck! Next week, find out how to create Your Resume at its Best.


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