Go Time: Things To Consider When Moving Provinces for College

You’ve finally done it! You’ve passed your degree with flying colors, then reality hits: It’s time to get out there and find a job!

And, what if that means you need to leave the comfy confines of your home province?

Whether you are moving cross-country from British Columbia to Newfoundland, or just next door, from Alberta to Saskatchewan, there are a ton of considerations you will need to keep in mind for before, during, and after your move.

Of course, you’ve probably already thought of the big things, such as redirecting your mail or setting up a new bank account, but there are actually way more things to consider when moving provinces than you may have anticipated – especially when it comes to dealing with your vehicle.

You Will Need To Get A New Driver’s License

Of course, you will need a new driver’s license issued by your new province – not only to act as a form of residential ID, but because it is required by law.

Exchanging your driver’s license is something that will need to be done after your move – it is relatively easy to do as long as you bring all of the necessary paperwork – but be sure to check your new provinces grace period. How quickly you need to exchange your license after getting settled in a new province varies from province to province.

You Will Need To Change Your Insurance Company and Policy

Depending on the province you are moving to, auto insurance may be regulated solely by the province or by a variety of private companies.

Before cancelling your current policy, first contact them to see if you can simply carry your policy over with you to your new location – if so, it may be as simple as updating your contact information and giving them your vehicles new plate numbers (as you will also have to register your vehicle in your new province – does it ever end?!).

If you do need to change companies, shop around. Talk to different providers, look at different policies, and compare costs.

You Will Need an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection

Last but not least, before you can even legally register, insure, and drive your vehicle in your new home province, you will have to get an out of province vehicle inspection.

A what now?

An out of province vehicle inspection (OOP) is mandatory, and typically needs to be completed within 3 months of arriving within your new province.

Basically, the OOP is a full inspection of your vehicles condition, including components such as: fuel and exhaust systems, electrical systems, engine controls, powertrain, steering, suspension, braking system, tires, and window quality.

If you are new to town, seek out your local shop and get your vehicle inspected – not only would they be happy to do the inspection for you, but it is also a great way to get to know your local mechanic, you know, in case you have any car problems down the road.

Make The Most Of Your Move

By preparing, knowing what to expect, and staying organized, you can ensure that your out of province move runs smoothly – or at least as smoothly as any big move can go – which gives you more time (and peace of mind) to get out there and enjoy your new surroundings!

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