College Style Beer Pong Rules & Regulations

I love this game! This game is definitely part of the college experience. My friends and I play this game almost every night like most college students. This game is also usually played at parties and kickbacks.

So…it is wise to learn the rules and master this game if you don’t want to look stupid 🙂


2 Teams of 1-4 people take turns shooting. After everyone from one side has shot, the opposing team drinks whatever cups that were made, and then it is the opposing teams turn to shoot. This is continued until 1 team loses all their cups.


  • Beer — cheep beer, usually something like Natural Ice aka Natty Ice, and usually light beers, so you don’t get full too fast
  • 22 cups — 10 cups on each side + 2 water cups
  • A long rectangular table (you can usually find them around your college, or use a broken door as a table
  • Ping-pong balls — number of balls based on number of players
  • Friends — if you don’t have any, go out and make some!


best beer pong rules You set up by placing 10 cups on each end of the table. Plus 2 additional cups for water (I like to use hot water, feels cleaner). To decide who plays first, a player on each side will shoot “eye for eye”.

Meaning they will both shoot at the same time while looking at each others eyes (no looking down at the cups). If they both make it in or the balls hit in midair, they go again. If you both miss then it’s the partners turn to shoot.

Rules (for 2 vs. 2):

Note: There are many ways to play this game. The rules vary based on different “house rules” (rules based on whoever owns the house). The way I play the game is…

  1. 2 balls in the same cup is a “bomb” and the opposing team drinks 3 cups & that team gets “balls back” to shoot again.
  2. 2 balls in different cups, opposing team drinks 2 cups and gets “balls back”
  3. If you make 2 cups in a row you have “heat” (nothing happens), but make the 3rd cup in a row and you have “fire”. You get to keep shooting until you miss. (you can’t rerack on “fire” shots)
  4. You have 2 “consolidations” aka “reracks” (reorganize the cups) per a game. But the thing is you can only rerack when you have even cups. So only on 6, 4, 2 cups. But the thing is when you “rerack” you have to make it into a pyramid shape on 6, diamond on 4, and a line on 2. Usually people allow you to rerack whenever you like, and into whatever shape you want, but I feel like forcing reracks on even cups and set shapes adds more strategy and organization to the game.
  5. You can “bounce” whenever you’d like, if you bounce and it goes in, it is automatically 2 cups. But the opposing team can swat away your bounce if they see it.
  6. If the ball spins around the rim of the cup the other team has a chance to get the ball out so they that it doesn’t count. “Girls blow, guys finger” — Girls can blow out the ball, and guys can use 2 fingers to flick the ball out. If any beer is blown or flicked out while removing the ball, then it doesn’t count.
  7. After the last cup is made, the opposing team has a chance to “rebuttal”. But if the shooting team “bombs it” (both make the same cup), or if the ball is bounced when there is 1 cup left it is “ice”, and the opposing team can’t “rebuttal”. If the opposing team makes 2 cups then the game continues and no one drinks any cups. If everyone misses, then the last person gets a chance to bounce without interference. If he makes it then the game continues. If the rebuttal is missed, then the losing team also drinks all of their opponents cups.
  8. There is the optional rule of “elbows” where your elbows can’t go over the table when you are shooting. But I find this rule is too hard to keep track of, especially when everyone is drunk. So just no leaning too far forward when you are shooting.


Here’s how to win:

  • Angle your shots, I notice that people who throw directly at the cup in a straight line without any angle tend to miss.
  • Align your feet with the direction you are shooting.
  • Take your time, and focus before each shot.

Once you’re primed…

  • Bend your knees before you shoot, like in basketball.
  • Aim for cups in a line, or in a triangle shape when the cups are unorganized.
  • Save your rerack on 6 if the cups are relatively close together
  • Play responsibly and enjoy your college experience =]

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