Planning a Successful College House Party

Here are 12 tips to remember in order to throw a successful college house party. Being squished and unable to move from room to room, steamy dance floors, waiting in line 15 minutes to use the bathroom, and 20 minutes to get a shot, house parties are truly part of the college experience. By the way also check out our College Party Themes post to add a fun twist to your parties.

1.) A week before the night of your party, inform the neighbors around your house (including behind, diagonally, besides, and in front) that you are having a party. Try to speak to them in person if possible, and do not forget to leave them a note with your name, number, address, and the date and time of your party. This way, if the party gets too loud, your neighbors can call you directly instead of calling the cops first. If you have the money to spare, you can also pay your neighbors money to not complain during the night of the party.

2.) Is the party going to be open or closed? Depending on the size of the party, you may need someone to stand at the door to help regulate guests coming in and out of the house. Also to keep unwanted partiers out.

3.) Are you charging an entrance fee at the door or not? If you do decide to charge money at the door, keep in mind that it is illegal to charge money if you are serving alcohol to minors. You might also want to put out a tip jar on the table next to where the drinks are served.

4.) Do you want to have guests pour their own alcohol or have “bartenders” pour the drinks? Often times guests tend to spill drinks and waste a lot of alcohol. It may be more cost efficient to have a designated area where only the “bartenders” are allowed, so that they may distribute alcohol to guests over a table, counter, or bar.

5.) What about music? If you do not have a DJ, look for a good sound system to borrow and prepare a play list ahead of time. Look for music that everyone will enjoy, dance to, and have fun listening to.

6.) Alcohol. If you are not making guests BYOB (bring your own beer), make sure that there is a wide variety of drinks, from light to dark, and also a container of mixed drinks (ex. jungle juice). Don’t forget to get chasers to! A keg might be a good idea depending on how many people you are expecting.

7.) The atmosphere of the party. Consider the lighting for your environment. Don’t forget to move away objects that are easy to break. Also consider card boarding or tarping the floor so that it doesn’t get too dirty. You might also want to cover the windows so that it prevents noise from escaping the house.

8.) Make sure that the bathroom door is clearly labeled and that there is a good supply of toilet paper and the trash can is empty. Prepare for a dirty bathroom by the end of the night. Remember to keep all bedrooms locked.

9.) Make sure that there is a good supply of Dixie cups for shots and red cups for beer, chasers, and mixed drinks.

10.) The garage is a good place to set up a beer pong table and to let smokers smoke. Since the garage is usually away from the music, this is an area were people can hang out and talk too.

11.) People tend to want to hang out in front of the house. Do not let them do this because it attracts more attention and you are more likely to have the party end early with cops. Instead, lead them to the backyard or garage if they do not want to be in the house.

12.) Parties don’t always have to have themes, but sometimes it is fun to have one. Check out our other articles on possible party themes to use.

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