Seven grown-up New Year party ideas to celebrate another year of life

New years are always exciting as these holidays are a chance for everyone to gather together with their friends and family. You can check out the entertainment company Green Light Booking on

As the year nears its end, almost everyone is either attending a New Year party or throwing one. In case you want to host a bash that is worth remembering, here are seven ideas for you to acknowledge and celebrate another year of life.

Make a New Year resolution

Nothing is better than starting another year with high hopes and determination. You and your friends can make your New Year’s resolution cards together on the New Year’s Eve. Try adding things to your list that you want to improve in your life or places you would like to go to in the coming year.

Toast your biggest moments

Celebrating the past year is important in order to move on to the next. You can all sit together and think about the most significant achievement of the past year that you are proud of. Think about the top three moments in the past year that made you happy and take turns sharing these memories.

Plan a game night

Games are always exciting, and everyone gets to have some fun. Plan a game night with your loved ones and friends and choose the most fun game ideas. You can play ‘Who am I?’ and guess a celebrity or a book/movie character. In another game, a person has to tell three resolutions, and the audience has to guess which resolution is a lie and which ones are true.

Throw a themed party

Dressing up is always fun especially when there is a theme. Throw a crazy themed party where you can ask the guests to come in their old prom dresses or as their favorite celebrity/character. Decorate your party and set the menu according to the theme.

Never have I ever

This game is quite famous already and for good reasons. You can throw a party where you can arrange this game. Make a list of questions and give guests cards with ‘I have,’ and ‘I have never’ written on them. Have someone ask the questions, and everyone has to answer them truthfully if they have or haven’t done/experienced that specific thing.

Have a sleepover with your friends

Nothing beats spending time with friends. Throw a party where you and your friends can all cook dinner together, dance to the music and play games. Pamper each other with massages, DIY facials, and makeovers.

The pool party

You can throw a Coachella-themed party where, during the day, you can hang around the pool in slippers and flower crowns. At evening you can arrange a barbeque with burgers, hot dogs and something including vegetables. Make a killer playlist of upbeat songs.

New years are about celebrating the year we spent and the one that lies before us. These are some of the many ideas that can make this particular time memorable for you.

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