Top College Drinking Games: THE TOP 10 SHOWDOWN!

College is all about consuming ridiculous amounts of inexpensive booze. Anyone who disagrees with this statement, is quite possibly worse than Hitler – or probably owns an exorbitant amount of cats. And honestly, when is the last time Hitler or the crazy cat lady from down the street was invited for a frat kegger?

“But Big Smoke,” you young co-eds might implore, “how do we go about consuming ridiculous amounts of cheap swill? We can’t drink for the sake of drinking!”

The words of a true wuss. Real men don’t need a reason to pound the sauce, but for the little girls out there the simple solution, young Jedis – are drinking games.

Oh yes, drinking games are undoubtedly as old as the existance of our various forms intoxicating brews. In ancient China, the first drinking games consisted of dice and solving riddles. I’m assuming these drinking riddles were probably filthy Chinese riddles – one can only hope they were.

So without further ado, College Experience will now unveil the top 10 list:

11. Buffalo Club

Yes we know we just said top 10, but this is a classic game drinking game worth mentioning. The simplest game of them all because it only has one rule:

You may not hold alcoholic drinks in your right hand.

If somebody calls “Buffalo Club!” out loud when you are holding a drink in your right hand, you must drink the entire contents of your beer/cup. If you accidently drink it with your right when Buffalo Club is called on you, you must drink an additional drink. This does not apply to handles of hard alcohol, but depending on your version COULD apply to pitchers of beer (set the ground rules in the beginning).

Some variants of Buffalo Club include the drinking hand being switched from left to right after midnight has passed to just throw a little more chaos into the equation.

The first time I ever blacked out was at an ATO party where I had Buffalo Club called on me almost 7 times probably (I was trashed and couldn’t remember!)

Buffalo Club makes an excellent additional way to peer pressure your friends into higher levels of drunken debauchery and using a stupid games an excuse to do it!

Good times.

10. Quarters

A classic game that has gone into disuse from my experience.

The game requires a hard surfaced table.

Players take turns bouncing quarters into a drink, which the losing player must drink. It’s simple but effective.

9. Beer Hunter

A quaint little game I’ve heard about but haven’t actually tried myself. Kind of like russian roulette with beer.

Get one beer and shake it like crazy. Place an equal amount of beer cans in a box as players. Mix them up and distribute.

Every player holds the beer outward, leans in (to get a wet face if they’re it) and opens the beer. The one who is sprayed is out, everyone else must drink their beer.

This keeps repeating as players are eliminated.

Winner is the the one who doesn’t get soaked.

8. Edward 40 Hands/Mad Dog Hands

Another college staple.  Usually part of bizarre fraternity hazing rituals, so what better to do on a Friday night than enjoy some classic hazing fun your friends!

Participants will duct tape 40 oz malt liquor to their hands. You cannot use the bathroom, answer your cell phone, or really anything requiring hands until you finish both 40s. In a pinch, if somebody wusses out – you make them pour the remaining beer over their head!

Mad Dog hands is a personal favorite variant where MD 20/20 is duct taped to the hands. The advantages of MD 20/20 over 40 oz is girls not familiar with the realm of bum wine will probably think good old Mogen David tastes like those fruity Bartles & James drinks or wine coolers. The reality is that MD 20/20 has 4 times the alcohol content of those drinks and probably special mystery ingredients to trash you even further. Another advantage is 80 ounces of beer is a lot for most folks, but suffering is part of the enjoyment with Edward 40 hands.

7. Power Hour/Century Club

Two games worth mentioning for the masochistic drinkers out there. This game definitely calls for a keg and pitchers/buckets for easy beer distribution among the shot glasses (or Dixie cups)

There are many variants of the rule. Power Hour with beer is 60 shots of beer within 1 hour while Century Club is 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. While those might seem paltry amounts (at 1.5 ounces a shot), the pace is quick and quickly tests your beer drinking (and stomach) endurance considering Power Hour adds up to 90 ounces of beer (A little more than two 40 ounces) while Century Club adds up to 150 (about 3 3/4s to 4 40s depending on how tall your shots are).

I’ve heard of a variant of power hour being a shot every 10 minutes for a hour.

Additional rules can be drinking an entire beer if somebody leaves to go to the bathroom during a Power Hour. It is nearly impossible to hold your piss for an entire game of Century Club, so I would reserve the beer rule for only the most evil and masochistic hosts out there.

6. Flip Cup/Boat Racing

Oh flip cup. Not really high on my personal list of drinking games, but it gets the job done if there is a lack of cups, balls, and surfaces for beer pong. You will need those classic party “Red Plastic Cups” for this game.

Two teams of equal numbers face off in a chugging challenge. The first two will face off and chug their beers as quickly as possible. When the beer has been finished, they race to flip a cup from the upside down position to the right-side up position. If one person successfully flips the cup, the chain continues down the line until the final person has flipped their cup.

An optional fun rule is to force players to tilt their cups over their heads before flipping the cups over (to get cheaters wet!)

Boat racing is exactly the same concept, minus all the cup flipping but with the cup tilting over the head mandatory.

Sometimes boat racing or flip incorporates the anchor player (the last person on the team to drink) to drink their alcohol through a straw as quickly as possible. This is known affectionately as the “strawpedo”

5. Depth Charge

Ah, depth charge. One of the finest drinking games ever conceived. The set up is simple. For depth charge you will need:

– A large quantity of beer
– A pint glass
– A normal shot glass
– a bottle of your favorite hard alcohol

The pint glass will be filled approximately half full of your beer of choice. Very carefully, float the shot glass on the beer. Players will take turns very carefully pouring hard alcohol into the shot glass. The player who is holding the bottle of hard alcohol when the shot glass collapses into the beer is required to drink the pint glasses entire contents. Some great combination are Korean Beer/Soju or Japanese Beer/Sake. Such “bomb” drinkings as an Irish car bomb are more difficult to pull off because of the necessity for two ingredients (in this case Jameson and Bailey’s). Keep it simple.

If you’re a wuss, you can play with Jager Bombs (fill the pint glass with energy drink and use the Jager to play) or you can be a complete pansy and play with simply beer (take turns pouring beer into the shot glass).

The beauty of depth charge is that the players who constantly mess up and have to drink only progressively play worse with HILARIOUS consequences! Prepare to blackout – after all that’s the whole point of drinking. Isn’t it?

4. King’s Cup

One of my favorite games, especially when players make sadistic and twisted rules on the rule card. There are simply way too many variants to list (such as California King’s) so I’ll just demonstrate the rules for the game as I play it (with clever little rhyme mnemonics)

A-Waterfall or Rule: I usually choose to make the ace the rule card, but I will describe both variants.

Waterfall is a game where everyone starts chugging their beer/drink. You may not stop until the person to your immediate right stops. The person who draws the card may stop first. It is a difficult game to regulate with a mixed group, so I usually like to choose rule.

Rule is simple: the drawing player may create any sort of rule they want such as a person must drink every time they touch their face. Another good rule is taking a shot for every time you use the restroom. When we play with a certain friend of mine, we force him to do the robot or the running man every time he drinks – hilarious.

2 – You: Choose someone to drink

3 – Me: You drink

4-Whores: All girls in the circle drink

5-Hand Jive: A silly game where players take turns making any gesture they would like, while the next person repeats that gesture and comes up with their own. The gestures keep adding up until someone messes up, and thus must drink.

6-Dicks: All men drink

7-Heaven: All players point to the ceiling, last person to point has to drink

8-Mate: Pick a person to be your “drinking mate”. Everytime you are forced to drink, they must drink too. This has the cumalative effect in that if a 3 is pulled and all the men drink and your “drinking mate” is a guy, he must drink twice.

9-Rhyme: Players take turns going counter-clockwise rhyming a phrase. A person who stutters or cannot come up with a rhyme within a few seconds of the last rhyme said will have to drink. Players cannot end their rhyme with a word that has already been used.

10-I’ve Never: You may have heard these rules before. Players hold up 5 or 10 fingers and take turns going clockwise saying different things they’ve never done. If any of the players in the circle have done a particular action – they must put a finger down. Person who loses all 10 fingers drinks.

A usual cheap shot from the guys in a mixed group of King’s Cup is to say “I’ve never used a tampon.” or my favorite “I’ve never given a blowjob”.

The 10 card is one of my favorite for revealing some filthy secrets out of people!

J-Catergories: This card is simple. The drawing player calls out a category such as “Japanese Car Brands”. Take turns going clockwise calling out different things that fall into that category (i.e. “Toyota, “Honda”, “Mitsubishi”). The person who stumbles, repeats what someone has said already, or cannot come up with something must drink.

Q-Questions or Truth/Dare: Depending on how I’m feeling I choose between these two rules.

Questions is a game where the drawing players starts off by making direct eye contact with a player and asking a rapid fire question. The person who is looked at must immediately look at another player and say any rapid fire question they can. The person who breaks the cycle, laughs, stutters, or stumbles must drink.

Truth/Dare is a fun variant in place of Questions where the drawing player asks another “Truth or Dare?” like the classic teen game. This doesn’t require much explanation, but I like to make the penalty for flaking out on truth or dare more severe such as a double shot of hard alcohol.

K-King’s Cup: The most deadly of cards.

The drawing player will pour as much beer (usually) or really anything alcohol into a large cup (or if you’re me, a bucket) to their heart’s desire.

This repeats until the final King is drawn. The player who draws the final king must consume the entirety of everything poured out by the previous three players.

This usually results in extreme projectile vomiting.

King’s cup is a great game for any occasion.

3. Sloshball

This is the game that requires the MOST planning, but has the most reward.

The game is played exactly like softball, but with a keg on first base and a slide-n-slide between third base and home (on warm days) or on cold days, either another keg or a shot. In order to proceed past second base, players must chug an entire beer. To pass from third to home they either must slide down the slip-n-slide or take a shot before proceeding.

Variants of the game include a “dizzy stick” portion in the finals innings.

In the “dizzy stick” variant, a mini-game is played where both teams take turns playing a sort of relay race. Players must hold a baseball bat and spin themselves in a circle 20 times, sprint to first base, pound a beer, and run back while tagging the next person. The team that finishes first wins and the losing team must all take a shot. After “dizzy sticks”, the game finishes per normal rules..

Definitely have some garbage bags on hand for sloshball.

2. Dice Drinking Games

Dice seems to be the new craze in drinking games. There are so many varities of beer drinking games, to list them all would take an eternity. I will list a favorite dice game of mine that is sure to be a hit at your next party.

Line up 12 pint glasses or red cups in a straight row. Players will take turns rolling two dice. The corresponding number rolled is the cup they must drink. If there is no alcohol in the cups, the player can pour as much alcohol as they want in the form of beer, hard alcohol (probably within reason or people will quit!), or mixed drinks.

1. Beer Pong

A college staple. What article about college drinking games would be complete without a mention to the heavyweight champion of drinking games. Personally, I think the beer pong craze is ridiculously played out (I’m waiting for the next BIG hit), but I can’t argue with the fun factor for the most part. My only gripe with the game is only four people can usually play at once (teams of two) and drunk people take FOREVER to finish (ever get stuck in a game where it takes half a hour for a team to hit a single damn cup? Yea. Boring.)

There are as many variants of beer pong rules as there are hairs on my balls. Literally. To detail them all would also take forever, so I will describe the base rules from which all variants derive from.

Beer pong is played on a long table with 12 “Red Party Cups” set up on either side in a triangle formation. Two teams of two face off and take turns trying to shoot the ball in the cup. The method of determining who goes first can be a face-off, rock/paper/scissors, or random – the methods are diverse as the can be.

The base rules are that if a team nails their ball inside two cups (but different cups) they get another turn each at shooting again. If the same cup is made, usually three cups and balls back are the rule. There are variants such as “beer explosion” that I won’t get into as well as “official tournament rules” such as only getting one ball rolled back for a shot.

Suffice to say, beer pong is the king of all drinking games and sits high and mighty on our list at #1.

Party on, children.

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