DIY Hot Pot

Sometimes, we’re rushed on time. Or maybe we’re just too damned lazy to go out. Anyways, here’s a quick and easy meal. It’s also usually low in cost unless you make otherwise.

Hot Pot in the house!

Everyone’s got a pot. Everyone’s got water (or maybe chicken broth. Really, you can make the soup base out of ANY liquid…milk, coconut juice, and tomato sauce, etc.). You can buy ingredients at the super market. They usually have thin sliced meat lying around in the meat aisle, vegetables (lettuce, bok choi, potatoes, mushrooms, whatever is in your fridge), and noodles (or if you want, you can make rice, or go without either!).

Here’s How:

1. Take your pot, fill it with your soup base. Put it on the stove.
2. When it’s boiling, throw your ingredients in (one at a time, all at once, it’s up to you).
3. When you food is cooked, eat.

Some good sauces for your meat include: satay, soy, and BBQ.

If your too lazy to do this or want something else…try at home Korean BBQ. Just throw it on the hot pan, flip it once or twice, and eat. Delicious, savory, and satisfying.

-you can buy pre-marinated Korean BBQ at the nearest Korean market.

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