Six genius makeup and hairstyle trends for college girls 

Makeup is essential for every college girl. These teen girls can look prettier for a long period in their life if they remain conscious of their looks in this age. In growing age the things that you do reflect your future. But the life of college girls has gone much busier.

They have to attend college regularly, have to study their college work and some girls even have to do some internships. Usually, college girls were thrillers and adventurous, but now they are busy all day long. In this era, it is very difficult for any girl to look towards the most important asset of their life.

They do not have any time to perform their makeover. But there are some effective and less time-consuming ways from which girls can take benefit. There are six genius makeup and hairstyle trends for college girls.


  • BB cream

BB cream is a type of foundation now provided by many popular cosmetic industries. A BB cream is a very easy and effective way to have a makeup look all the day. Just like foundation and powder a BB cream even helps us get the agleam finish. It can make us look much more fair and bright.

This cream helps us get a pink touch that every college girl needs so that she can look glossy. Applying this cream has the same pattern as applying any fairness cream. You just need to rub the content over your face especially your cheeks. A good BB cream can give you a long-lasting effect for a complete day.

  • Eye pencil

The eye pencil is used to give your eyes a wider, broader and a cute look. Eye pencil has the same body as any common pencil, but the tip is thicker. It can be used very effectively and smoothly to give you the perfect eyebrows for making your eyes look more smooth.

With this accessory, you can customize your eye look either thicker or thinker according to your choice. The eye pencil is very easy to use and needs very less time for the color to be placed well.

  • Lipgloss

For a college girl to make her lips more shiny, bright and the color to last for long the best accessory is a lip gloss. It is very easy to use as compared to lipstick, and it can even give a better timing.


There are different types of hairstyles applicable to look good. But these three can be very effective as they must be done once in two to three months.

  • Curl

With the used of a cordless curling iron, it can be very easy for you to have perfect curls.

  • Straightening

If you prefer straight hair over curls, you can use a straightener to have linear hair structure.

  • Contouring

To keep your hair in a perfect shape and color, you can have contouring once in months at any saloon.

jane williamsAuthor Bio: Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at

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