Berklee College of Music: Online Ranking & Info Guide

For aspiring musicians who are wishing to carve a name in the contemporary music scene, the Berklee College of Music is the place to go.

Long known as the first institution to fuse American pop music and the strict educational setting of a music academy, the Berklee College of Music accommodates students from practically all corners of the globe; presently having the biggest percentage of undergraduate students coming from various countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Founded about 61 years ago, the Berklee College of Music is considered as the biggest music college in the entire world having a total of 3,800 enrollees (this year) coming from over 70 different countries.

Largely because of its diverse cultural make up, the college has had the opportunity to allow its students to experience various styles of music, even allowing every student to experiment by adding his own brand of musical treatment.


The college has largely been very successful in producing graduates who excel in the field of music. A recent study revealed that majority of the alumni of the Berklee College of Music (86%) are presently involved in music-related works.

The alumni were found to either compose/arrange songs, make musical film scorings, teach music, manage recording sessions, or are involved in several music-based endeavors.

The Berklee College of Music can also be considered as a music college having many ‘firsts’. This is because many of its music-based degrees are the first of its kind to be offered, not only at Berklee but in all music colleges in the entire world. These include degrees in the areas of songwriting, hand percussion, film scoring, and music synthesis.

Course Offerings

Apart from the undergraduate degrees, the Berklee College of Music also has special course offerings. Music Business graduates of Berklee for example, can qualify for a shortened MBA program being offered at Suffolk University in Boston depending on the course major that they took up.

Clearly then, the Berklee College of Music is a premiere university to enhance one’s musical skills.

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