Canada’s Top Hairstlying & Beauty Schools

Are you always playing around with the looks of your hair, or do you often beg your friends to allow you to give them a hair makeover? If you are fascinated with hair coloring, cutting and styling, why not turn your passion into a lucrative profession?

By going to a hairstyling school, you will be taking something that you love into an entirely different – and professional level. Some people may think that professional hair stylists are those who have the ‘talent’ in styling other people’s hair.

What they do not know is that instead of just having a natural talent in hair styling, you cannot be a professional hair stylist without having the proper education to go along with it.

Before you even get to touch the hair of your first customer, you need to work your way from the bottom of the ladder. The first thing that you need to do in order to become a professional hair stylist is to attend a hair styling, cosmetology or beauty school. Check the yellow pages or go online and search for the beauty schools in your area. What you need to know about is the length of the program, the tuition fees that you need to pay, as well as the application process.

More importantly, you should check whether the school has a placement programs which will help you get employment after you finish with the course. However, there might be an apprenticeship program before you are allowed to practice your profession so you need to check on that as well.

All in all, attending a hairstyling school is one of the best ways for you to educate yourself, hone your craft and make a living doing something that you love, which is making other people look and feel good about themselves.

Check out 9 of Canada’s best schools below.

MC College (Previously Marvel College)

Are you looking forward to honing your natural talent in hair styling? If you are, there is a good number of schools in Canada where you can get the required formal education to be a professional hairstylist. One of them is MC or Marvel College. If you are anywhere near Kelowna, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, there is a Marvel College that you can enroll in. Aside from offer professional hair styling programs, they also offer programs for esthetics and fashion.

Now, when looking for a school or college which will provide you with the formal training for your professional hair styling career, there are several factors that you need to consider. Does the school offer a complete program in hair styling? Do they teach their students about every aspect of hair cutting, hair coloring and general styling? Do they have an after-school employment program which will help you get employment right after finishing the program? Do they have professional hair stylists and good instructors for the program?

When you attend Marvel College and enroll in their hairstyling program, the Pivot Point Training system will be used. This is a method of teaching which uses the latest in interactive instructional technology like DVD’s. More importantly, the hair styling principles do not just teach you how to style hair, but also why a particular method of styling is important, as well as the business aspect of things.

If you are looking for a hairstyling school which will teach you the first step in becoming a professional hair stylist, why not apply for the Marvel College hairstyling program?

MC College Official Website

Eveline Charles Academy

If you are thinking about having a career which is related to the beauty industry, there are several courses that you can take in different fields. This includes cosmetology, hair design, esthetics, skin care, nail technology, barbering, make-up artist training and laser training. If you have the flair and you think that you can excel in hair design, for example, the first thing that you need to do is enroll in a school or college which offers such a program. Aside from the basics of hair design, hair cutting and hair styling, you will also learn about the different aspects of hair coloring, perming, relaxing and all the other aspects of this particular area of specialization.

In Canada, there is a good number of schools and colleges which offer hair styling and hair design programs. One of them is the Eveline Charles Academy. This beauty school is a project of Eveline Charles who first went into the industry in 1974. In the mid-1980’s, she opened her first salon called Bianco Nero in Edmonton, Alberta – and from then on, her salons have been branched out to strategic locations in Canada.

She was the first salon owner and manager to offer a steady pay cheque and health benefits to the staff working for her salons, instead of the usual commission-based salaries. In addition to her salons and her beauty school, she now also has a line of products for body car, cosmetics, hair care and styling tools. The Eveline Charles Academy of Cosmetology and Esthetics in Edmonton, Alberta opened in 2005 and is one of the largest beauty schools in Canada. If you would like to take part in the success that this entrepreneur has enjoyed over the years, you can take part in any of the hair styling programs offered at the Eveline Charles Academy.

Eveline Charles Academy Official Website

Stenberg College

Stenberg College is one of the schools that you can attend in Canada in order to get formal training as a professional hair stylist. There are a couple of campuses that you can attend: the Surrey and the Vancouver campus. Stenberg College specializes in health care and human services diploma programs – so the basic skills needed to survive in basic workforce scene will be taught.

Here are the advantages of attending a hairstyling program in Stenberg College. First, the overall length of their programs is short. This is due to the fact that the programs are condensed, so you can start you career and earn your salary earlier. Second, the instructors in Stenberg College are experts in the industry. No matter which type of program it is that you are under, you can rest assured that each professional instructor have the experience to back them up. So if you are enrolled in a hairstyling course, you will be taught by those who have extensive experience in the field of hairstyling.

Third, the Stenberg College boasts of more than 15-years experience in the industry and they have a good reputation in producing quality graduates. Fourth, as a college whose specialization lies in offering technical programs to students, the Stenberg College has an intensive practical curriculum to help the students meet the demands of the beauty industry. Lastly, they have financial advisors so the enrollees can apply for student loans and other forms of financial aid. If you are looking for a highly reputable school where you can have a head start in your hair styling profession, you should seriously consider enrolling in any of the two campuses of Stenberg College in Canada.

Stenberg College Official Website

Academy of Hair Design

If you have the flair for styling, if you are creative in thinking of ways how you can change another person’s look by modifying his or her hairstyle and if you are interested with the latest trends in the beauty industry, then you should definitely have a career as a hair stylist. However, even if you already have the flair for hair styling, you still need to have formal education in order to get a head start at being a professional hair stylist. In Canada, there are a lot of colleges, technical schools and vocational schools which offer programs which are related to esthetics: hair styling, makeup, cosmetology and barbering.

One of these institutions which offer beauty-related courses is the Academy of Hair Design, which is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The owner of the school is Gary Foster and the academy was founded in 1985. The main program that they offer for those who would like to have a career in the hair industry is the Cosmetology/Hairstyling course. Basically, this course in hairstyling covers a 1600-hour training, which lasts for about 44 weeks.

Here is quick list of some of the practical classes that you need to get in order to finish the program: properties of hair and scalp, draping and shampooing, thermal styling, men and women’s haircutting, finger waving, color and lightening, chemical hair relaxing and salon management. It is interesting to note that for the last 120 hours of the course, students will get work experience in a local salon so that they can have an overview of how it is to be in the ‘real world’ after finishing the program. As a final step, students will be required to take a certification exam with the Cosmetology Association in New Brunswick.

Academy Canada Official Website

Aveda Institute

In Canada, the Aveda Institute is one of the educational institutions which offer a professional hair styling program for students. Aveda was founded by Ray Civello, who is a pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry in the country. Their campus is located in Toronto, and the hairstylist program is composed of a 1500-hour training. Here is a quick look at how the hair styling program in Aveda runs.

First, the fundamentals of cutting, hair styling and chemical hair restructuring are taught. The good thing about being enrolled in a program such as the one offered by the Aveda Institute is that it is not just the technical aspect of hair styling which is taught, but the managerial aspects as well. Thus, students can easily move from a salon staff to a manager or even a salon owner.

The second phase of the hair styling program involves the teaching of the latest trends and techniques in hair styling. The basics of styling, hair colouring, permanent waving and restructuring are also covered in the course. Successful interviewing and resume writing are also part of the second phase of the program. Finally, there is an in-depth training in client service, entrepreneurship, self-promotion and goal setting. As it is with all the other hair styling programs, the course is capped off with an examination for the Certificate of Qualification. For those who think that they will have problems financially supporting themselves through this short hair styling course, there are financial aids which are available through the RBC Financial Group, Student Banking Accounts and Student Classic Visa cards. All in all, a hair styling program with the Aveda Institute in Canada is a sure fire way to start a professional career as a hair stylist.

Aveda Institute Official Website

Marca College

Creativity, talent, a flair for style and satisfaction in making others look and feel good are the basic requirements that you need to fulfill if you would like to become a hair stylist. However, in order for you to be able to practice hair styling professionally, you would need to finish a certain number of hours under a hairstyling program from a certified beauty school, or a vocational or technical college. The basics of hair cutting, hair and scalp properties, shampooing, thermal styling and waving, coloring, hair lightening, chemical hair relaxing and similar subjects will be taught in the hair styling program that you will enroll in. All these subjects will be taught so that the student will have rigorous training prior to handling ‘live’ clients in the real world.

Located right in the heart of Canada, Marca College is one of the specialized educational institutions in Canada which offers students a chance to have a professional career as a hairstylist. There are two campuses which you can attend, one which is located in the East-Central and another on the West-Central part of Toronto. Marca College is a member of the Pivot Point International, which is a world standard when it comes to hair and beauty education.

The hair design program offered by Marca College is composed of a 42-week training. Here is a quick overview of the different cycles included with their hair styling program: hair design and sculpture, salon success, men’s hair design, colour design, perm design, long hair design, multicultural and design forum. The financial assistance offered to Marca College applicants is available in the form of government assisted student loans.

Marca College Official Website

Delmar College of Hair Design

When you mention the phrase hair design, it does not just involve the latest trend in hairstyles. As a professional hair stylist, you should be abreast about the latest technology and trends in hair colouring, hair cutting, draping, hair lightening, chemical hair relaxing and decolourization. It is not enough to know about the basics, but you should also contain the fundamental skills that every hairstylist needs to possess. This is the reason why there is a need for those who would like to break into the beauty industry to get formal training before they can be a professional hair stylist.

If you are looking for a college or school in Canada where you can get formal training on how to be a professional hair stylist, there are several options that you can choose from. One of them is the Delmar College of Hair Design. The school is located in 4th St. SW Calgary in Alberta, and they have been training hair stylists for more than 50 years now. As a member of the National Association of Career Colleges, this educational institution has been working closely with the government as well as with trade representatives to give their graduates better and quicker job opportunities after finishing the program.

The hairstylist training program of the Delmar College of Hair Design is focused on the “Martin Parsons Design Techniques for Cutting”. The difference of this approach to training is that instead of copying other designs, creative and dependable hairstyling techniques are taught. Aside from this, they also teach their students the value of honing their technical skills, communication skills and professional attitude. All in all, the hairstyling program available through the Delmar College of Hair Design is unique, creative and comprehensive.

Delmar College Official Website

Est-elle Academy of Hair Design

If you are considering a career in hair styling and you are looking for a beauty school to enroll in, there are several factors that you need to consider. First, is the location of the school accessible to where you are residing? Second, how many hours or weeks does it take to finish the hairstyling program that they have? Third, are the instructors all professional hair stylists who have extensive experience in the field? Fourth, do they offer a financial aid to qualified students? Finally, aside from the technical courses, what other salon-management related subjects does the course include?

In Canada, there is a wide array of beauty schools, vocational schools and colleges which offer courses in hair styling. One of them is the Est-elle Academy of Hair Design. The academy was founded in 1980 and since then, they have been offering a comprehensive program for students who would like to specifically excel in the field of hair design. There are two areas that the programs offered through the Est-elle Academy of Hair Design is focusing on: customer service and hands-on, practical experience. Aside from the basic hair cutting techniques, students will also learn about hair styling, perming and colouring. In addition to these three, the other topics included with the program are: bacteriology and sanitation, permanent waving, hair structure, professional ethics and image, anatomy and physiology, hair design for men and women, chemistry, colouring and bleaching. The Est-elle Academy of Hair Design campus is located in Edmonton, Alberta. For more information about the application process, you can visit their official website at By enrolling in the hair styling program offered by the Est-elle Academy of Hair Design, you can get a head start in your career as a professional hair stylist.

Est-elle Official Website

Avola College of Hair Styling

If there is one job in the world that can be considered as exciting and glamorous, nothing will probably beat the beauty industry. Whether it is makeup or hair styling that you would like to serve as your specialization, these beauty-related jobs are your passport to the world of glamour and entertainment. Even working in a small salon when starting out is already an exciting aspect, especially if you have the passion and creativity in hair styling.

There are several colleges and technical schools in Canada which offer hair styling programs. One of them is the Avola College of Hair Styling and Esthetics, which was founded by Anthony Avola. When you enroll in the hairstyling program that they offer, your technical skills, your communications and your attitude towards work will be developed.

The hairstyling program offered by the Avola College of Hair Styling and Esthetics is made up of a 1500-hour training in school. Here, the latest techniques, equipment and product are being utilized to ensure that the students who finish their programs are well-equipped with the trends in the beauty industry. Their hairstyling program includes hair cutting for men and women, hair extensions, permanents, proper use of curling and flat iron, hair relaxing, salon management and salon ownership.

The last two items are particularly interesting – because unlike other schools which offer just the technical expertise in hair styling, the Avola College of Hair Styling also offers their students the option to be a salon owner and manager by teaching them the skills that they need to succeed in this field. Remember that in order to make a go at a career in professional hair styling, you should have the creativity and passion in hairstyling, and you should be appreciative of the way that the clients feel once they look and feel good about the work that you do.

Avola College Official Website

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