Leeds College of Music: History & Info Guide

Studying the art of music will definitely be more fun if you try it out at Leeds College of Music (LCM.) As a training ground for aspiring musicians, part of LCM’s mission is a commitment to innovation, ever mindful of the fact that the needs of the music profession is constantly changing.

With that, the Leeds College of Music is likewise committed to providing increased opportunities for everyone, regardless of the level of their musical ability.

The UK’s Largest Music College

Considered as the biggest music college in the United Kingdom, the Leeds College of Music is the only specialized college known to offer music degrees both in the graduate and postgraduate levels. Its staff of academic personnel are all committed to their craft and are well-known in the field of music.


An atmosphere of creativity and dynamism await every aspiring musician who wish to enter the Leeds College of Music. The college has been known to provide its students with the best musical training found in the region to ensure that every student will be able to reach his or her full potential so he or she can embark on a successful career in music..

Last year, the college made its transfer to the sector of Higher Education from its previous position, the sector of Further Education.

The transfer has long been a plan of the Leeds College of Music to enable it to be on equal footing with other conservatories in the UK. Through such transfer, the college is expected to further improve its services to their students by acquiring more advanced facilities and employing more highly-competent staff.


At present, there are about a thousand full-time students at the Leeds College of Music. Part-time enrolees, on the other hand, are more than 2,000. These students are all expected to eventually become the best in their fields once they graduate from the college. Yet, academic life at the Leeds College of Music is not always about studies.

LCM students can also have lots of fun in the activity centers located within the city encompassing the territories of the college.

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