Top Contemporary Christian Music Schools: What you should know

There is still a pervading gap between a Christian college and a secular one. More often, it’s all about the affirmation of one’s faith.

Students who attend a Christian music college, for instance, find that they gain support from caring Christian friends more than they do from secular music colleges. In a Christian music college, one learns not only Christian music but also a true direction led by strong Christian faith. There’s always a choice after high school where a student may want to go.


Others prefer to enroll themselves in the military, others decide to take jobs, and others go to colleges to further their education. With a passion for music coupled with faith on Christianity, one may opt to enroll himself in a Christian college that specializes on teaching music to undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Like any other type of college, a Christian music college may offer you the traditional or distance learning option and even summer courses. It is because some students take part-time jobs while studying.

For this reason, the Christian college doesn’t limit itself to students who study full time. In fact, Christian colleges offer the same opportunities as those of secular ones. Some high school graduates fear that the costs of admission in Christian colleges may be too difficult to shoulder, but this isn’t always the case.

The truth is, a lot of Christian colleges offer scholarships to deserving students.

Financial Aid

The financial aid comes from the hundreds of donors from Christian organizations both local and international. All you need to do is inquire about them and learn more about their programs and terms of admission.

In the United States alone, there are numerous Christian colleges that specialize on teaching music on the level of a conservatory.

Why Enroll?

The primary reason why a student would want to enroll himself in a Christian music college is that he aims to develop his God-given talent and allow his musical ability to benefit the world of music and the field of liberal arts in general. Of course, the programs in a Christian music college are not limited to undergraduate students. In Gordon college, for instance, there are courses offered to music teachers or professionals who wish to pursue postgraduate musical studies.

These days, a musical profession has become a competitive field that enrolling in a Christian college specializing in music education is extremely challenging.

Top Christian Music Colleges in the US:

  • Huntington University – a private, Christ-centered liberal arts institution of higher education located in Huntington, Indiana
  • Cedarville University – a private, coeducational, Christian institution of higher education located in Cedarville, Ohio.
  • Anderson University – a private Christian liberal arts institution located in Anderson, Indiana
  • Dallas Baptist University – a private, coeducational, Christian liberal arts institution located in Dallas, Texas
  • Anderson University – a private, comprehensive Christian institution of higher education Located in Anderson, South Carolina
  • Messiah College – a private Christian college of the liberal arts and applied arts and sciences Located about eight miles outside of Harrisburg in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Azusa Pacific University (APU) – a private, evangelical Christian institution of higher education, rooted in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, located in Azusa, California
  • Union University – a private, four-year, Christian liberal arts-based institution, located in Jackson, Tennessee.
  • Houghton College is a private, Christian liberal arts institution, located in the hamlet of Houghton, New York in the Genesee Valley
  • Liberty University is a private, coeducational, Christian institution and the fifth largest university in the United States Located in Lynchburg, Virginia.


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