How to Qualify for A Government Student Loan in Canada

During these times where money and sources of funds have become difficult, students in Canada can tap the government’s student loan programs.

Both the federal government and individual provinces or territories have student loan facilities that can assist a student in his or her educational financial needs. The student however should meet certain basic requirements.


  • He or she should be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a protected person.
  • He or she should likewise be a permanent resident of a particular province or territory.
  • The student should be able to demonstrate and prove that he or she has need for financial assistance for his or her education.
  • He or she should be enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program which runs for at least twelve (12) weeks in a fifteen-week period in a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • In the case of a full-time student, he or she should be taking at least sixty percent (60%) of a full course load.
  • In the case of a part-time student, he or she should be taking between twenty to fifty-nine percent (20% to 59%) of a full course load.
  • The student will need to submit documents to prove that he or she conforms to all these requirements and is eligible for the loan through a Certificate of Eligibility.
  • He or she will also need to submit a Student Loan Agreement duly signed by the student to signify that he or she understands the terms and conditions of the loan and is likewise signed by the school to certify the student’s enrollment.

Other Considerations

There is also a credit check that will be conducted for a student who is over twenty-two (22) years old and is applying for a loan for the first time.

A student should not have fully used up the maximum lifetime limit of his or her financial assistance. And in order to continue receiving student loans while in school, satisfactory grades should be maintained.

The government and the corresponding financial institution from where funds are withdrawn should likewise be advised regularly of the student’s ongoing in-study status in order for the loan payment to not commence until the seventh month after graduation.

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