Why Learning is Moving Online

Online education is becoming more and more prominent in our society, not only for certificate programs, but also now for university programs and even primary and secondary level education.

As more people are making the move from typical classroom settings to online learning environments, more controversy is weighing in on the pros and cons of the online system.

With the pros suitably outweighing the cons, it’s not hard to see why learning is moving online.

Technology Centered

We live in a world where technology has taken over.

Today’s generation of students are so apt to turn to technology for everything, that it only makes sense for them to focus their learning around the technologies they already use on a daily basis. Not only is technology all around us, these students are incredibly knowledgeable, for their age, on the many uses of these technologies.

Primary, secondary, and post secondary students almost all have some form of portable computer, whether it be a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, and having courses available to them online makes them accessible almost anywhere at anytime. You can even get a University degree online.

Not only is the accessibility enhanced, but students may be more inclined to learn and may take more interest in the courses if they are presented in a way that the students are familiar with and enjoy.

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Flexibility is a hugely positive aspect to taking educational courses online.

It provides the opportunity to complete courses without having to focus your entire schedule on it. The flexibility especially benefits those who cannot restrict themselves to the typical classroom hours of Monday through Friday, 8am-3pm.

It affords the ability to work on your courses at whatever time of day and however many days a week are possible for the individual, without limiting them to the reduced selection of weekend and evening courses some institutions offer.

It is also a great opportunity to students who may complete coursework at a faster rate, or oppositely, students who may want to take their time going over the course content. Working at ones own pace helps them achieve their maximum potential.

With more classes being offered online, It enables students to break free from typical classroom hours and deadlines.


Lastly, online learning is extremely convenient. It enables students who may not live near a campus, or who may not be able to leave home everyday, to complete courses they otherwise would not have access to.

This can be great for more rural students, international students, stay at home parents, families who homeschool their kids while travelling, etc. The convenience and accessibility of online education is providing education to people who may not have previously had the chance to take part in such courses.

Flexibility, convenience, and the focus on technology are only a few of the beneficial reasons why learning is moving online. Online education is giving people more control over their studies, their schedules, and their lives. It also affords the opportunity of education to many individuals who may otherwise have not been able to participate.

Online education is a step forward to a more inclusive and personalized school system.